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Volunteer opportunity

Some services, such as housekeeping and foot care, are provided through organizations and professionals. On the other hand, many of our services depend on the involvement and generosity of volunteers.

Volunteers wanted

  • Volunteers wanted for the Rockland Meals on Wheels. For more information, please call Marc-André Lalonde at 613-488- 3203, ext. 1.

  • Volunteers wanted for the Hawkesbury Meals on Wheels. For more information, please call Isabelle Lalonde at 613-632-0939, ext. 133.


  • Volunteer drivers wanted for Rockland, Wendover, Curran, Bouget, Hammond, St-Pascal and Clarence-Creek. For more information, please call Marc-André Lalonde at 613-488- 3203, ext. 1.

Tasks assigned to volunteers

Some examples of the tasks assigned to the volunteer according to the service offered:

Meal Delivery – Meals on Wheels

  • Get the prepared meals by a local partner
  • Deliver the meals to the clients (at the door) according to a list provided
  • Deliver the meals from 11:30 to 12:30

Day Service

  • Help the coordinator preprare activities
  • Assist the coordinator in the animation of the activities
  • Serve the dinner to participants
  • Occasionally pick up clients at their homes

Transport service

  • Pick up the client at their home
  • Help the clients in and out of the vehicle, if necessary
  • Help the clients to walk to the vehicle or to the appointment, if necessary
  • Chat with the client during the journey

Social and Congregate Dining

  • Set up the tables
  • To be at the reception
  • Serve the food
  • Fill the food containers when empty
  • Pick up and wash the dishes and utensils
  • Clean the hall
  • Socialize with the clients
  • Opportunity to serve on the Organizing Committee

Friendly visits and telephone conversation

  • Visiting a client in their home or at a predetermined location, such as a café
  • Chatting
  • Playing cards or board games
  • Taking a walk

It is important to note that:

For friendly visits and telephone calls, we make sure to match a volunteer with a client who has common interests. Thus, conversations are more natural and the relationship is built more easily.

To become a volunteer, all you need to do is...

Other opportunities to volunteer

Administrative support

A helping hand at the administrative level ensures the smooth running of our services

  • Answer the telephone
  • Make photocopies
  • Enter data into the computer system
  • File folders
  • Update files


Another volunteer opportunity comes eight times a month at the Long-Sault Bingo in Hawkesbury. In teams of two, the volunteers help the team by performing a few tasks including distributing game cards, awarding prizes and cleaning the room. Bingos last two hours, either during the day (1:30 pm to 3:30 pm) or in the evening (5:45 pm to 7:45 pm).

Committees of meals on wheels

In each of the regions offering this service, a committee aims to ensure the smooth running of the Meals on Wheels. From the quality of the meals, to the positions of welcoming new clients, the committee members ensure that customers and volunteers are satisfied with the service

Among the members of the Meals on Wheels committee, there are five specific roles:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Customer service clerk

If you would like to be part of the Committee

Please contact the Coordinator in your region.

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